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Consulting and Analytics

HEADS Realty provides complex analysis of efficient use of real estate, preparation of a concept and business plan, attraction of investments and financing, monitoring of the construction process until the facility is put into operation.

We build our work so that you can earn on real estate and increase your capital:

  • Analysis of the liquid housing market and provision of up-to-date information to the customer (demand and supply, forecast and trends);

  • Analysis of the location potential and evaluation of the development of the facility;

  • Analysis of the market at the time of the most profitable investment for investment and profit in the specified time, analysis of the investment attractiveness of the facility;

  • Holding tenders for the choice of architect, construction and design contractor;

  • Recommendations on the optimal volumes of development, analysis of the quality of design work in terms of selling individual premises of the facility;

  • Maintenance of the design process, support of the work of architects and builders to develop effective design solutions;

  • Development of a marketing strategy for the promotion and positioning of the object on the market, in order to increase the competitiveness of the facility;

  • Analysis and forecast of the revenue side of the investment project and the pace of selling space and premises;

  • Development of the strategy for realizing the object or areas of the real estate object, the pricing policy of the project;

  • Maximization of the developer's profit from the project;

  • Legal support for the developer at the stage of work with contractors to the full or partial sale of the property.