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Country estate

Brick house. Forest cottage village, Istra district, MO
Moscow region, Istra municipal district, D., Porporino, Forestry KP
Total area: 607
Sell / 42 500 000 ₽
The cottage and the Istra district MO. KP "Beach Honka"
Moscow region, Istra municipal district, Coast Honka KP
Total area: 220
Sell / 38 000 000 ₽
Land. New Riga. 25 km from MKAD. 60 acres of forest!
Moscow region, Istrinskiy district, Pavlo-slobodskoe s/p, SNT "Tnik"
Total area: 0
Rent / 67 200 000 ₽
Cottage 600 sq m on a plot of 60 acres. KP "Rasskazovka"
Moscow, settlement Vnukovo, the village. Rasskazovka, KP "Rasskazovka"
Total area: 600 sq. m
Sell / 112 000 000 ₽
Cottage area of 974 sq. m. KP "CHATEAU SOVEREIGN"
MO, Krasnogorsk district, KP "CHATEAU SOVEREIGN"
Total area: 974 sq. m
Sell / 171 984 800 ₽
Land 16 acres. Rublevka. Laryushino - 1.
Moscow region, Odintsovsky district, SNT Laryushino-1
Total area: 16 acres
Sell / 25 000 000 ₽
The land area of 30.6 acres. New Riga KP", Montevil"
Moscow region, Istrinskiy district, KP "Montevil"
Total area: 30,6
Sell / 40 300 000 ₽
Land of 41.8 acres. Krasnogorsk district, der. Buzlanovo
Moscow region, Krasnogorsk district, der. Buzlanovo
Total area: 41.8 acres
Sell / 24 244 000 ₽
Land of 16.8 acres. Krasnogorsk district, der. Buzlanovo
Moscow region, Krasnogorsk district, der. Buzlanovo
Total area: 16.8 acres
Sell / 10 500 000 ₽
The land area of 25 acres. Krasnogorsk district, der. Buzlanovo
Moscow region, Krasnogorsk district, der. Buzlanovo
Total area: 25 acres
Sell / 15 250 000 ₽
Cottage 350 sq ft, the New Riga, KSK "Brave"
Moscow region, Krasnogorskiy R-n, KSK "Brave"
Total area: 350 sq ft
Rent / 250 000 ₽
A plot of land of 12 acres. Istra district, der. Aduio
Moscow region, Istrinsky R-n, der. Adueva, SNT "Kit"
Total area: 12 acres
Sell / 1 650 000 ₽

Life outside the city is chosen by people who care about their health. Today, many residents of the metropolis move to the countryside, where more favorable conditions for living. Important factors now are quite favorable conditions for the purchase of suburban real estate: the supply prevails over demand; Owners of suburban housing are more willing to make concessions because of the current economic situation.

When choosing a suburban real estate for purchase it is important to know that the owners are ready to provide a discount or installments, as well, developers of cottage villages annually arrange various actions. Particular attention should be paid to cottage settlements with plots without a contract, as they are cheaper, and the opportunity to build your own house on an individual project and to realize the dream of an ideal home is a fairly serious argument in favor of choosing this option.

If you consider suburban real estate as an investment, the acquisition of land outside the city will be an excellent option, especially in the period of crisis and the uncertainty of further development of the market. A country real estate, whether it be a plot of land, a cottage, a townhouse or just a summer house, in time only grow in value. Now there is a wide choice of offers in all price segments: cottage settlements of economy class, and also more - prestigious premium and business class. Buyers are given the opportunity to profitably invest their capital and multiply it in the future.

Services HEADS Realty in the field of suburban real estate:
  • Search for suburban real estate in accordance with the requirements of the customer: cottage, cottage, townhouse, house, land plot;
  • Purchase and sale of suburban real estate: cottages, villas, townhouses, houses, land;
  • Registration of documents for suburban real estate;
  • Registration of transfer of ownership.