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Agency services
The Russian market is replete with offers of agency services in real estate.
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Real estate appraisal
Estimation of real estate is the determining factor when buying or selling real estate. Determining the fair value of the object allows you to buy real estate in real conditions at an adequate price, without the risk of overpayment. The rule works and vice versa, the value in money transfer, which is determined by an independent evaluation, gives a guarantee not to lose out when selling real estate.
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Citizens residing or registered in a municipal or state apartment and wanting to obtain title to it;
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Approval remodelled
Re-planning - carrying out in the room works connected with the change of its layout and requiring changes in the technical documentation for the property. Harmonization of redevelopment - the process of issuing documents to align the layout of the room and the documentation for this room.
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Legal opinion
A legal opinion on a real estate object is an opinion on legal issues expressed in writing by a professional lawyer. The legal opinion contains an analysis of the legal situation, as well as conclusions and recommendations on the basis of such analysis.
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The reduction of the cadastral value of the object
The cadastral value is the value of the real estate object established as a result of the state cadastral valuation.
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One of the main ways to purchase residential real estate is to buy an apartment in a mortgage - using mortgage lending. We offer our Clients a service for the selection of the most favorable mortgage lending conditions with the optimal interest rates and the minimum initial payment among all banks located in the territory of the Russian Federation.
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