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Agency services

The Russian market is replete with offers of agency services in real estate.

Real estate agency services are a combination of the Agent's activities (realtor services), on terms agreed with the Customer, to accompany and organize any real estate transactions.

Have you decided to buy, sell, exchange your property? For each of your actions (from the selection of the object when buying or organizing the sale of your facility and before signing the act of acceptance and transfer of the object), questions arise, from the decision of which the timing and success of the transaction depend. As a rule, there is a need for brainstorming and experience. Why do I need agency services? The main reason: the legal purity and security of the future operation with real estate. To assess the competence of the realtor, do not hesitate to ask him questions. This will allow you to determine the level of professionalism and decide on further cooperation.

We are professionals in our field of activity and we provide agency services in real estate for many years. Experienced realtors of HEADS Realty will select an object that meets all your requirements, agree on the most favorable price for you and conduct the transaction in the shortest possible time. In addition, cooperation with HEADS Consulting allows us to confidently guarantee you the legal purity of the transaction and the competent execution of all documents.

The company HEADS Realty renders agency (realtor) services for the purchase and sale of real estate, exchange, lease, hiring, as well as commercial real estate management. When working on the project, we adhere to a certain approach: each object is worked by specialists from different departments, which guarantees the creation of the product of the highest quality and the achievement of maximum financial indicators. Professional realtors of our group of companies will help you in choosing the best option for you and make a real estate transaction as safely, safely and quickly!