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Real estate appraisal

Estimation of real estate is the determining factor when buying or selling real estate. Determining the fair value of the object allows you to buy real estate in real conditions at an adequate price, without the risk of overpayment. The rule works and vice versa, the value in money transfer, which is determined by an independent evaluation, gives a guarantee not to lose out when selling real estate.

Independent valuation of real estate must be carried out in particular when selling an apartment or room, office, shopping center, land, warehouse, garage, utility room, etc., and also if there is a trial, business reorganization, mortgage or activities directed To attract investors.

For sellers, real estate valuation is necessary in order to determine the real value of the property, as well as price adjustments for urgent sale, within the acceptable values ​​without omission of benefits.

HEADS Realty will evaluate your property correctly and in the shortest possible time!

Free expert evaluation of the market value of the property (room, apartment, apartment, office, NEO, FAS, store, warehouse, land, cottage, house, cottage) for exchange or sale. Paid certified evaluation with the provision of documents - for banks, courts and other organizations.