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One of the main ways to purchase residential real estate is to buy an apartment in a mortgage - using mortgage lending. We offer our Clients a service for the selection of the most favorable mortgage lending conditions with the optimal interest rates and the minimum initial payment among all banks located in the territory of the Russian Federation.

HEADS Realty's partners are the country's leading banks that will select the most suitable mortgage loan option for you. Our specialists will not only advise you on any issues related to buying an apartment in a mortgage, but also prepare a list of documents required for obtaining a mortgage loan in the shortest time. We also offer assistance in obtaining a mortgage loan to customers with a bad credit history on special terms.

The list of services in the framework of assistance in obtaining a mortgage:

Preliminary consultations on the selection of the creditor bank and the lending program;

Assistance in preparing the necessary documents for submission to the bank;

Selection of an apartment available for a mortgage;

Preparation of documents and verification of legal purity, purchased on a mortgage, apartments;

Full support of the mortgage transaction.

Implementation of state programs. Maternal capital

Increasing the family is always a joyful event, but not always the housing conditions coincide with the needs. Thanks to the social policy of the state and the operation of the "Mother's Capital" program, it has become much easier for families with children to improve their living conditions. HEADS Realty provides services for the realization of maternity capital.

Housing subsidies and certificates

The specialists of HEADS Realty provide consulting services for the receipt and implementation of subsidies, as well as provide services in support of real estate purchase transactions using housing subsidies and certificates.

The subsidy from the state to improve housing conditions is provided to the following groups of citizens:

Young families (up to 30 years);

Large families with three or more children;

Poor families;

Military personnel;

civil servants;

Veterans and disabled veterans of the Great Patriotic War;

Close relatives of the dead servicemen for the period of the Second World War;

State employees;

Orphans and children left without parental care;

Citizens who have worked in the Far North for at least fifteen years and who have decided to leave the northern regions.

Military Mortgages

Thanks to the large number of partner banks, HEADS Realty assists servicemen in receiving and selling funds under the Military Mortgage program. Full support of the mortgage transaction.