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Who needs privatization?

Citizens residing or registered in a municipal or state apartment and wanting to obtain title to it;

Citizens who do not have a social employment contract, but have an exchange warrant confirming the right to privatization.

What needs to be done to make the apartment your property?

Contact HEADS Realty to register ownership of the residential premises in the order of privatization.

We are ready to represent your interests at all stages of work:

  • Obtaining all necessary documents (extracts from the order, warrant, including from the archive, if the original is lost, an archived extract from the home book, etc.)
  • The conclusion with the state body of the contract of social hiring or an additional agreement to it (if the family composition was changed).
  • Submit all the necessary documents for privatization.
  • Control over the observance of deadlines and the execution by the state body of their official duties.
  • Conclusion and signing of a contract with the City Property Department - the transfer of a dwelling to your property.
  • Submission of all signed documents for state registration and receipt of documents from state registration.

After carrying out all these procedures, you become the owner of the apartment, which is confirmed by an extract from EGRN. And most importantly, after registering a property through privatization, you will be able to dispose of your apartment at your discretion:

  • Sell;
  • Conclude a gift agreement;
  • To rent an apartment for rent;
  • And just be confident in the future!