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Re-planning - carrying out in the room works connected with the change of its layout and requiring changes in the technical documentation for the property. Harmonization of redevelopment - the process of issuing documents to align the layout of the room and the documentation for this room.

In the event that the repair carried out entails even a minimal change in the plan of the BTI, this is a re-planning, and you absolutely need to coordinate it. In order not to waste precious time, our specialists will conduct any kind of redevelopment "turnkey" in Moscow.

HEADS Realty provides a full range of services for the coordination of redevelopment and reorganization:

1. Reconciliation of redevelopment of apartments and houses.

2. Reconciliation (legalization) of the completed redevelopment of apartments and houses.

3. Re-planning of the bathroom.

4. Harmonization of re-planning of non-residential premises in residential buildings.

5. Registration of redevelopment of premises in administrative buildings.

6. Transfer of apartments to non-residential fund.

7. Transfer of non-residential premises to housing stock.

8. Reconciliation of reconstructive (facade) works, namely:

  • Matching of individual inputs;
  • Device showcases;
  • The device of window apertures;
  • The construction of ramps;
  • The device of balconies;
  • Glazed terraces, etc.

9. Registration of the previously arisen right to apartments and non-residential premises.

10. Making changes in the SCC and the Unified State Register of Units, etc.